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Red deer hunting

Hunting season: From mid September to end of febrary
Location: On the Catalan Pyrenees mountain range, approximately 3 hours highway from Barcelona Airport, place where we pick you up to start with your hunting experience.
Accommodation: A luxury 4* hotel with all the amenities, Spa, good restaurant in a famous village of Spain where you have different things to do when you are not hunting.
Arrival airport: Barcelonas airport will be the place where we will meet with you to start your hunting days.

Prices: The prices vary depending on the kind of deer you choose to hunt, we can offer you from representative ones to big trophies, contact us for information about the prices. We have this different categories of deer hunt

– Iberian Red Deer no point limit
– Iberian Red Deer representative
European Red Deer trophy (1 or 2 permits per year)
European Red Deer representative (4 to 8 permits per year)

Therefore, with red deer hunting experience, we can offer you the chance to hunt one doe or a couple of them, after male has been hunted, or other animal to complete your hunting experience.

We offer the possibility to hunt a singular specie like the European Red Deer. That animal, emblematic specie from the Catalan Pyrenee, can be found only on that part of all the Iberian Peninsula. Big males can weight around 250 Kg and only the antlers can weight around 10 kg.

You can choose to hunt between representative one or a big european red deer trophy during the rut of that animal, (begining of October) which is the best season to obtain bigger trophies. Is when the oldest and biggest bucks leave the deep forest to protect its territory and the does they have with them, thus is why is the best and more exciting season to hunt it.

Also we can offer to hunt the iberian red deer, that one is all around Spain, smaller than the European one but hunt is as exciting as the other especies. We hunt it only during the rut where the biggest trophies can be hunted.

Some of this hunts are done inside goberment territories, where we have,in a contract with the goberment, some of the permits to hunt inside that territories, where you can also enjoy about incredible landscapes on high mountian hunting experiences, watching at the same time you hunt a lot different animals from other species in the 70,000 hectare of that territory.

Ask for information about prices and conditions via phone, mail (info@xtremehuntersiberica.com) or from our contact us form by clicking here

5700$/ 5200€ (VAT INCLUDED)

The experience includes

– Full board accommodation.
– All meals and beverages (including alcoholic in moderate quantities)
– Hunting the specified animals.
– Personalized attention with a specialized hunting guide.
– Road transport to and from the airport to hotels / hunting areas.
– First trophy’s preparation, hunting certificates, trophy’s documentation…
– Hunting and gun permits to hunt in Spain.
– Hire of rifles and ammunition.

The experience does not include

– Plane ticket.
– Gratuities of Camp Staff/ Professional Hunter.
– Game (trophies) wounded and / or lost.
– Accommodation before and after the hunt.
– Private Day Tours (Excursions).
– International phone calls / faxes.
– Taxidermy fees / Dip & Shipping cost / mounting cost.
– Exporting of trophies (crating cost).
– Import permits and fees required by countries outside Spain.
– Personal extras.

Booking conditions

– A deposit of 50% of total price on confirmation of booking
– All prices are payable in EUR.
– No refunds of deposit will be made if clients cancel a hunt after confirming the booking.
– All payments are payable via cash (in Euros)
– All animals wounded or taken must be paid.
– Staff and Professional Hunters are entitled to gratuities.
– Rifles, vehicles and equipment hired from the company are responsibility of the client.
– Additional animals not included in the original package are also payable.


Luxury 4* Spa hotel top quality

Hunting Area

On the heart of Catalan Pyrenees

Arrival Airport

Barcelona’s airport

Hunting Type

Free range stalk, adaptable to all hunters in any physical fitness condition

Hunting Season

From mid September to end of Febrary, been the best time from end of september to mid of October

Terms and conditions

Every hunt is signed by contract, to see the terms of the agreement click here

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